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Does the taste of beer in different kinds of containers vary?

The taste of beer in different kinds of containers does not vary, as everything depends on the consumer’s subjective opinion. No matter what kind of container is used, the most important factors influencing the taste of the drink are storage conditions (in shops or even at your house). Glass beer bottles are mainly dark in color (brown, green) and provide good protection from sunlight. Glass containers also ensure a sufficient level of pressurization. However, this kind of packaging has two disadvantages – a bottle is rather heavy and easy to break.

Beer cans are lighter than glass bottles and are very convenient for transportation and preservation: they cannot be broken and take up less space. Canned beer is protected from the sum, cools faster and does not need special openers. In addition, a can is a non-circulating type of container; it is used only once. The only disadvantage is that it is more expensive compared to other kinds of packaging.

Ahe advantage of a PET container is lightness and larger content of beverages. Plastic bottles are not damaged during transportation, but they are more vulnerable to the effects of heat and light./


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