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Obolon Launches Cherry Whisky, a New Low-Alcohol Beverage
In anticipation of the spring and summer season, the company has expanded its product mix of classic low-alcohol beverages with Cherry Whisky, a new cocktail.

Obolon Enters the Snacks Market
Obolon Corporation, the largest Ukrainian beverage producer, has started the production of beer snacks, marketed under the Obolonski trademark.

Obolon Corporation Enters Persian Gulf Market
Obolon Corporation, the largest national beverage manufacturer, has started to export its soft drinks and mineral water to the market of the UAE. The first consignment of over 25 thousand liters is soon to be available in the retail outlets and chains of the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries.

Obolon Begins Exports of Zlata Praha
In 2012, the corporation commenced export shipments of its Zlata Praha beer brand to Slovakia. Slovakia became the 20th European country to import the company’s products.

Obolon Corporation Begins Exports to Latin America
In September, Obolon made its first shipment of beer to Chile, which became the 40th country on the map of the company’s exports. The Southern hemisphere is entering the summer season now – which is the best time to enjoy Obolon beer.

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