Quality control

Product quality is controlled by three laboratories. Well-coordinated work of these structures guarantees consistency of taste and physicochemical qualities of the products.

The production laboratory exercises control over input raw material and auxiliary materials, and the production process by providing technologists and workshop personnel with actual information on all quality characteristics of products and progress of the production process.

The laboratory of the Technical Control Department monitors the parameters of finished products and only it can authorize the release of products to the sales network. A certificate of quality granted by the TCD is a document ensuring compliance of products to applicable standards.

The radiological laboratory monitors all raw materials and finished products for content of radioactive elements.

However, there is one more unique laboratory – experimental – its employees examine new technologies and develop new products.

All laboratories are equipped with up-to-date equipment of high measurement accuracy. Well-known international experts, upon visiting our laboratories, have acknowledged them to be not just European-level laboratories, but also one of the best in terms of equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Laboratory staff regularly undergo training in leading German brewing institutes. They acquire new knowledge and improve their work through these consultations. Recently, many new methods of wort and beer quality control have been mastered, e.g., photometrical iodine test and thiobarbituric index. This has allowed deeper control of the brewing process.

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