Foundations of environmental management

Obolon understands its responsibility for the state of the natural environment. Environmental programs as an integral part of the company’s policy are the basis for constant improvement of environmental protection.

Foundations of environmental management of Obolon JSC:

  • The company’s environmental impact is constantly being monitored, documented and analyzed. Potential improvements are implemented by using the best available technologies with respect to environmental aspects.
  • The use of state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to minimize hazardous environmental emissions.
  • Environmental effects caused by the introduction of new types of activities, products and processes are always estimated in advance and minimized.
  • The planning of the use of containers and packaging is based on a waste reduction approach. The company’s program provides for implementation of recyclable packing materials.
  • We realize that effective corporate environmental protection can be accomplished only with the active participation of all company employees. Therefore, we raise their environmental awareness by providing background information, instructions and educational materials.
  • We expect that our suppliers and customers will likewise comply with environmental standards similar to those accepted by our company.
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